Monday, May 30, 2005

To build a sandwitch

Howdy from Casper the friendly town, Wyoming.
We wanted to get something warm for lunch, since it
was so cold in the bus. Too early for rotisserie
chicken at the store. So we found some fresh hot
French bread. I split it open to make a big sandwitch
for the tribe, and enyoyed a few seconds of warm
fingers before filling the loaf with lunch meat &

But, praise the Lord, we discovered the bus heater,
which we had modified to fit our remodeling, still
works! It is a long system of hot water hoses from
the RADIATOR (hello?) that goes along the driver's
side wall. We had shortened it while fixing up the
bathroom, and assumed it didn't work, but we tested it
out and its working great! It probably will help our
engine to stay cooler, too.

Also, praise the Lord, no exhaust in the bus for

Our road, Interstate 25, starts heading south East
here, as it heads towards I 80. Not sure if Wyo 220
would work better. It seems more direct, but not
sure if it's a steeper grade.

Noah's cough is worse, Suby's is better, Giddy's the
same. We have lots of blankies but are thankful for

Favorite sign today from the Hole in the Wall c-store,
Kaycee, Wyo: "Please do not be embarassed to
discipline your children in this store!"

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