Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Praising the LORD for safety!

Had a tire blowout on the inside rear dually (non-driver side) as we were driving about 55 mph on level ground 20 miles west of Salt Lake City. We drove back to the truck stop, hoping to get it repaired, to discover we have a non-standard size tire. We got the address to a shop in downtown SLC, but they closed before we could figure out the directions. So it looks like we'll be here for the night.

A man saw us parked in the lot at the truck stop and is helping us to get the flap of tread off of the flat tire, so it doesn't cause damage to our air brake line or other things underneath. We had driven about 20 miles with it like that so far.

Fortunately, it happened in very light traffic and while Dave was driving! We just pulled over and thought maybe we had lost a holding tank. Earlier today, with Dave asleep in the back, I was driving down the 6% grade descending to Salt Lake City!

Well, more later as we find out what's going on. This will affect our arrival at Lake Almanor of course! I guess we have to be flexible!

As we drove by the shore of the Great Salt Lake, Noah exclaimed, "Look at the dried water!"

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