Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Burning the midnight hallogen

"Sarah, Sarah, look! I found a two inch cockroach!" Hannah exclaimed.

"Did you get 'em?" Abi asked.

The girls are tracking down the roach under the fridge, and the older three boys are working with Daddy in the carport, putting in the counter. They still have a zillion things to do. Joanna is drawing some away to pursue the cockroach. Sammy and Noah are asleep, recharging for tomorrow. We are always looking for jobs for them.

Dave had an innovative, new timesaving idea to vent both the black water and fresh water tanks with one vent. We talked it through and it seemed foolproof. Fortunately, before plumbing it, he realized one purpose for the freshwater vent was to replace the water used with fresh AIR. THAT's why we never read about anyone else doing it that way! Thank you LORD for that insight! Whew!

We had the back end of the bus raised about 2 inches, which seems insignificant, except for when you are on rough road. Perhaps it will make a difference.

Solomon and Mommy shingled the "outbuilding" on the back end of the bus where the generator is. We used leftover shingles from our roof project. We made so many mistakes on it, forgetting all the lessons we learned from our roofing career, but we fixed most of them, and it REALLY looks classy.

After dinner, we all gathered around the patio, holding up boards to support the back room bunk beds (which will hold full size mattresses). Ben and Solomon drilled holes through the mattress support boards and wove rope through, to make a Mexican style "rope" bed. The netting supports our mattresses, but for our triple bunks, we used snow fence (you can take the family out of Minnesota...). This is ideal for when you have night time accidents or sickness, because there is no MATTRESS to clean! Actually, in Mexico, we slept on a rawhide bed, but we are not that authentic for now.

So, we all held the frame up, which Zak had cut to fit the back dimensions of the bus. We have storage space under the bottom bed. While we held it up, Zak drilled in the bolt holes and bolts, and then we realized it was all reversed, so we had to stand a little longer.

Bekah cleaned the interior windows and the windshield. She climbed on the hood, and it looks much better. Hannah helped install the remaining curtains with velcro tape and is trying to finish the last panel, which lacks a few velcro spots.

So we are hoping to get out the door tomorrow sometime, but don't quote us... Some of the stuff we will bring with and work on it in Wisconsin.

We are starting to get emails now from folks who got our post cards. Thanks for your understanding.

Night night!

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