Monday, May 30, 2005

Morecraft, Wyoming

Our radiator started heating up on our way to Reptile Gardens yesterday, so we changed our plans and kept west. Once out of Rapid City, SD, it ran okay, but a bit warmer uphill.

We had diesel exhaust in the bus last night and pulled
over in a parking area for the night. In the morning, our engine switch problem was back. AAA got us rolling. Our generator doesn't run while we drive, so we can't run the heater when
driving. We're so thankful for it running nearly all night
when pulled over --toasty warm!

We had rotisserie chicken tacos for dinner last night
after hitting a Walmart. Got enough stuff for
breakfast too.

We mistakenly took this route which keeps us north
longer than we wanted. We take 90 to Buffalo, Wyo.
and catch 25 south, which backtracks east a bit! So
we are looking to hit Lake Almanor on Wednesday, the
Lord willing.

The cold seems to be a blessing for the radiator
situation. It does not seem low on water, but
overheats on inclines.

We are praying the exhaust situation improves so we
don't need windows open for fresh air! Its around 40,
cloudy, drizzle.

Girls are cuddling on rear top bunk, Zak's strumming,
Dave's getting gas for the generator. If it would run
while driving, it would be nice, as it draws fresh

So, shooting for Almanor on Wednesday-ish.

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