Sunday, May 29, 2005


Yes, for about an hour, on Interstate 90 west, at a
maximum speed of near 55mph. We prayed for safety and
humility and wisdom before Zak blasted off. Mommy was
nestled at his side, sitting on the ice chest,
pontificating about various techniques--stuff I
learned from Dave. Zak did fine. He needs to learn
to avoid drifting to the left, and is making progress.
Air braking has been surprisingly smooth. Our
panoramic pupil-view mirror, a potential distraction
to new drivers, was disabled. Debbie was fairly
relaxed after recalling the many hours Zak has spent
behind the wheel on MS Flight Simulator. Really, he
hardly ever crashed.

Life went on as normal in the back. Certain parties
never exclaimed, "We're all gonna die!" as previously

The fuel line to the generator is leaking, so we are
unable to run our heater, because air gets in the
line. Dave is looking for JB Water Weld compound to
fix it. Its about 62 degrees in the bus now, as we
cruise through the Black Hills and the Badlands. Its
cloudy and cool and Mountain Time!

This is day 11 on the road. We have only eaten out
once. We are enjoying lots of normal food, cereal,
sandwitches, fruit and veggies. This afternoon, we
also enjoyed a favorite Minnesota treat: Old Dutch
Authentic Restaurante Nacho Blasts. Susanna loves
being stewardess. Bekah loves peeling veggies.

We thought of a most excellent idea to enclose the
base of each bus bench. Each bench is already hinged,
and lifts up like a toybox. That would be much better
than finding plastic boxes that fit.

Its a beautiful day, and we are enjoying the view of
the slow-motion mid-western spring through our peanut
butter smeared windows. God is worthy of all praise.

It looks like we will pop into Reptile Gardens while
Dave works in the parked, less bumpy, bus.

That's all for now.

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