Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keeping busy!

We had a great time at the 7 Wonders Science Center and hope to post photos soon. Yes, we also have CocoaConf photos to post....

At the moment, we are praying for friends in a major trial, marvelling at fall, switching out our summer clothes for fall clothes, getting ready to dig up canna bulbs, reorganizing our house, thinking about homeschool conferences in 2012, blowing noses, contemplating our third school bus RV conversion, and making spinach linguine...not necessarily in that order.

Spinach linguine is calling....more later!

Monday, October 10, 2011

This Saturday in Ferguson!

A one-day, free, creation science center!
Saturday, October 15 from 10 am to 8 pm!
North County St Louis
Free admission!
The 7 Wonders Science Center

The 7 Wonders Science Center is designed to help families understand the amazing geological changes brought about by the volcanic eruptions of Mount St Helens in Washington State in the 1980’s.

These extensively documented events brought about rapid changes in the earth’s topography and challenge evolutionary thought which routinely assigns long ages to such formations.
What are the 7 Wonders of Mount St Helens?

1. Mountain changed beyond recognition in minutes
2. Canyons formed in five months
3. Badlands formed in five days.
4. Rock layers formed in three hours.
5. River system formed in nine hours.
6. A fully functioning model for the formation of petrified forests, such as those at Yellowstone.
7. A new model for coal formation.

Come see the amazing facts for yourself! Hands-on activities as well as video viewing will be available. Select creation science materials will be available for sale, but the science center is completely free!

Invite friends and neighbors, especially anyone interested in the creation/evolution debate. It’s free!

WHAT: 7 Wonders Science Center
WHERE: 27 S Florissant, Ferguson, MO 63136
WHEN: Saturday, October 15, 10 am to 8 pm - ONE DAY ONLY!

This one-day project is being undertaken by the Klein family of Ferguson, Missouri. We are Christian homeschoolers and are long time supporters of Answers in Genesis. If you have any questions, daveanddebklein@yahoo.com

Saturday, October 01, 2011

CocoaConf wrap-up Part 1

Customize name tags included a conference schedule.

We greeted the UPS driver nearly every day for over a week!

Paper: it's not just for airplanes anymore.

Getting ready to hit the road!

Didn't we say we would give an update on our first CocoaConf??? We figured since the next one is already open for registration, it's time to document the first one.

Wow. It was a really wonderful time. Even though we did the planning and initiating and work, there was a feeling that we didn't really do anything at all.

For one thing, the Lord provided Dave with connections to willing experts in this relatively new field (to us) who helped with speaking. They were very well received and did great jobs!

Secondly, we love the way the Lord brings people into your life… it is always amazing. I mean, for someone who doesn't even know you to invite your family of 15 over to stay at their house?

But the Lord did it. The conference received a lot of great feedback, and we have made some new friends, too!

More soon, relatively!