Missionary Resources

We find missionary stories (and many christian biographies in general) to be about the most profitable reading  outside the Bible.  We have been collecting titles for some time.  Though the subject is always imperfect people, there is much to be gained by the discerning reading of the example of those who attempted to seek first the kingdom of God (Matt 6:33).  That's what we are aiming for, and that is what we are aiming our children for.

One starting place is this booklet you can find on our family website.  It has a missionary story excerpt (really good one!) plus the beginnings of a booklist.

In addition to the titles listed on our PDF “Wonderful Missionary Books”, we are digging up links to older missionary books which you can read for free online!  We hope they are a blessing to you!

Here are some stirring Missionary Quotes on a site with lots of links and leads to missionary material.  (We don't share this brother's KJV only stance, but he has many profitable links.)

We hope to soon add links to more--

FREE missionary books online

Things as they are:  mission work in Southern India by Amy Carmichael  Very good!

Memoir of Mrs. Ann H Judson: Late Missionary to Burmah