Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So, that's why they call it HOME Depot!

It sure feels like "home" at Home Depot! Dave's been spending of lot of time and stuff there.

Today we blitzed through major home construction projects, but we are not able to take off today as planned, as we are wiped out! Things went really good though and hopefully we can be ready for a mid-day departure tomorrow. This will make us a little later to Rhinelander, and later to Madison, but after that, we are still loosely clinging to our tentative schedule for Luverne and forward.

Today was hot. We have our RV air conditioner running from and extension cord, as we have to reconnect the generator, and of course, we are parked. The metal gas can we have modified for the generator's external gas tank took a flying leap off the most excellent steel "back porch" a couple of days ago, when it was windy. Zak was building the outbuilding to house the generator, but it does not shelter the gas can. So he moved the can over a bit (normally its chained down), and when the back "emergency door" flew open with the wind, it must have gone airborne. I (Debbie) smelled gasoline and noticed the gas can and fuel line laying in the dirt. Since nobody saw it happen, it looked like someone had done it on purpose. But its all reconnected (the generator wasn't running, as we only run it when its all safely bolted down).

Late last night we glued the formica on the counter where the sink will go, and Dave cut out the hole for the sink. A couple of corners were cut too wide and will need to be caulked, but over all, it looks pretty rad. Zak got the supports all even and level, which is really tricky since the bus is rarely level. He also slapped together a work surface for Daddy to use while we travel. Eventually, we'll put formica on that too, but not this trip.

Now, the dual full size bunk bed project was a big deal today! Basically, after getting this monster bed frame in the back of the bus, by climbing over Uncle Bob's most excellent steel "back porch" and un-bolting the big beams, and tightening up the ropes which hold the mattresses up, we had a 3x3 foot space through which to cram our rolled up full size mattresses. This was a team effort. The mattresses had be pre-rolled, I should state, because the kids have been propping them up against a wall and sliding down. So they already have creases. Ben got the ropes as tight he could, and when the mattresses were installed, we found we have two human taco stands. Because the ropes all go across the beams one way, side to side (not head to foot). So when you get in, you're, um, nestled. Fortunately, we can pack in the little girls going across the bed, and it will be more hammock style for them. For Mommy and Daddy, it will be a Taco Bell Grande bed.

Hopefully more tomorrow, prior to departure.

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