Saturday, May 21, 2005

On the road

We are at the Flying J truck stop, using a keyboard that feels like a big pushbutton phone. We left Alamo about 11 PM on Thursday and drove all night and morning and night. We hit Dodge City, Kansas, about 11 PM. We are driving I-70, about 200 something miles from Kansas City. There we head north.

The bus is working well. One mirror fell off. Also, the kitchen sink leaks out the bottom under the sink. It has worked really well. Nothing has fallen off. We also learned one of our brake lights wasn't working.

We are pretty tired and its driving slow. We had a brief period of excitement yesterday driving through the Flint Hills when we got to 56 mph! What a feeling!

Welp, we will keep in touch as we can! We are thinking we are getting to Rhinelander really late at this point.

Oh, new news: the bus is dead and won't start. More later.

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