Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Say Cheese!

Day 3 in Madison, Wisconsin, the land of beef and cheese. It is good to be here. Had a wonderful time with Debbie Jones and her sweet growing children yesterday.

Dave is enjoying his commute to the Office of the Commisioner of Insurance for the state of Wisconsin...about 15 footsteps. Last night, we picked him up. He entered the bus to the melodious voices of most of the children, calling "Daddy's home!"

Recapping our Monday: Rhinlander was a wonderful time. We intended to get there for Sunday church, then hopefully Sunday night -- late. But our little bus can't go much past 50 mph, Debbie couldn't drive that late at night. I have become quite lethargic from long days in the bus, I guess, and just keep drifting off to sleep! Poor Dave was even more zonked from driving ALOT, so we parked on the roadside and snuggled up in our bus, as it was chilly. Rhinelander is in a very sparsely populated area, its a region of dense forests. Hey, we even saw a MOOSE! So, we just found a roadside, as there were no Walmarts or anything. But it was fine. Debbie woke up at about 4:30 AM, fed baby Giddy-Doo, and we were rolling, even though nearly everyone was still snoozing in their cozy beds.

So, we finally arrived at Rhinelander early Monday morning! Sharon and most of her family was there to greet us and make us a wonderful breakfast. We had a nice visit. Her husband, Glenn, went to be with the LORD in 2001, and we had first met him through listening to a few of his prolific sermons on tape. Providentially, through our brief time in Madison, Wis (where their family once lived) we actually know some of the same people! So we had a wonderful visit. Glenn had a wonderful collection of old books he had accumlated over the years, including hymnals. We enjoyed looking at some of the wonderful hymns he had gleaned from these, and REALLY enjoyed hearing his children sing a couple that he had written! Here are some verses from a favorite of ours:

The Son of God has bled and died,
In grief and pain was crucified,
A full salvation to provide
For every creature

He left to us a plain command:
Rise up, go forth to every land,
The gospel preach on every hand
To every creature

The messengers that first he sent
Went forth to spend and to be spent
Through tears and blood and fire they went
To every creature

A host has followed in their train,
Through hardship, poverty and pain
To preach the Lamb for sinners slain
To every creature

And can we dwell in careless ease?
And can we live ourselves to please?
Nay-- rise and follow after these
To every creature

Go forth, and bear the Savior's name
And spread abroad his healing fame
Redeeming love and grace proclaim
To every creature

Wow. What a powerful song! What a legacy to leave to your children!

Anyway, we were pretty zonked and didn't cover Rhinelander that well. It was well worth the drive!

So yesterday we enjoyed the great outdoors with the Jones and today we are hoping to hook up with folks.

Wednesday night (tonight) meal at Madison Grace Fellowship and Bible study.

Thursday night - hoping to hook up with the Baxter tribe??

We are hoping to have Zak drive the bus soon. We will practice air braking techniques in the parking lot soon!

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