Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Now we're getting somewhere

We heard back from our friends at Freightliner, and we are on for tomorrow morning to get our blown gasket fixed! It is a bittersweet moment, as having it in the shop means we cannot work on it. We are still working on the following freshwater tank hook up
  • kitchen sink plumbing
  • bathroom sink plumbing
  • putting in the toilet
  • connecting the "black" (waste) tank.
  • finishing the master suite (actually a full size bed bunk bed)
  • putting in the kitchen counter (gluing down formica, etc.)
  • sheltering the generator on the back end.

Zak is doing a great job and we expect to be up all night if we are able, to keep working on this stuff.

Joanna and Hannah are finishing sewing velcro tabs on the rest of the curtains. We need curtains for insulation and privacy. Oh we have loads to talk about, but hopefully we'll let the children fill you in as the wheels roll on down the line!

We are pretty sure we are putting off our departure from Saturday the 15th afternoon, to Monday, the 16th PM late (or Tuesday morning). We have still to post our itenerary. Bookmark this site!

--Debbie, Edinburg

We will post some photos soon, so you'll be able to spot us when you see us!

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