Saturday, May 14, 2005

Our working itenerary

First, we will give you the tentative working details, but they aren't set in stone...

  • Wednesday, May 18, sometime: leave Edinburg with our family and a few members of the Navarro family.
  • Drop off the Navarros in Kansas.
  • Keep driving north at or near 55 mph to Rhinelander, Wisconsin.
  • Late Thursday, May 19 to Early Friday, May 20: Arrive Rhinelander. If it is late, Sharon, we will just sleep in the bus and not disturb you all!
  • Saturday, May 21, evening: drive to Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Sunday, May 22, morning: breaking bread with Madison Grace Fellowship.
  • Stay in Madison while Dave works during the days; we will stay at a KOA if they don't mind wacky school bus conversions.
  • Wednesday, May 25, evening: head west to Luverne, Minnesota, arrive late, camp at BLUE MOUND STATE PARK.
  • Thursday, May 26: hopefully our friends can come out to the park for a brat BBQ or something...bring guitars....
  • Friday, May 27, afternoon: leave Luverne and drive west to Lake Almanor, California.
  • Around Monday, May 30 to Tuesday May 31: arrive at Mike and Susie's pad.
  • Thursday, June 2: Sarah's 12th birthday, Uncle Eddie's 39th birthday. Try to leave for Sacramento in time to get there to crash Uncle Eddie's house or something?
  • Friday, June 3 through Sunday,June 5: Visit in Sacramento
  • Monday, June 6: Leave for Los Angeles, arrive evening?
  • Thursday, June 9, afternoon: leave for Desert Hot Springs to visit Grandma Eunice
  • Friday, June 10, morning: head for the Mexican border at El Paso, Tejas.
  • From here we'll be heading to Torreon, Coahuila.
  • Next to Guayameo, Guerrero
  • Then on to Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca
  • Back to Edinburg, with stops along the way as the Lord directs.

Well, we're tired now, and we haven't even left! We got our bus back from Freightliner yesterday and she's looking good. Now we are doing plumbing and stuff, and trying to get ready for Wednesday departure, Lord willing.

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