Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Burning the midnight diesel

Dave is outside fueling up at the Flying J in
Rawlins, Wyoming. We have a WiFi subscription with
Flying J for a month. Its 2:30am, Mountain time. I
have been snoozing with Baby Gideon, who wakes
occas�onally with coughing fits. No fever, praise the

I listen for the sound of Dave slapping his own face
as a clue that he's getting tired. So far, no

We opted to take I 25 to I 80, and now we're on I 80!
Still much road to cover. Rain is gone, and no more

The bus is running great,
and we are keeping it running, since the switch they
installed in Madison doesn't seem to work. That was
the problem when we called AAA. When you turn the
key, you get nothing, even though the battery has
juice. The switch that tells the engine it's in
neutral (so you don't accidentally roll over school
children) isn't working. After repeated tries, it may
finally start, but we don't want to age our starter.
But leaving it idle would make it start overheating!
Now, its better (the overheating), praise the LORD.

Before our dinner tonight of crackers, Wisconsin
summer sausage, cheese & veggies, Dave positioned
himself in a front dinnette seat (while I drove), took
the megaphone (Christmas, 2003) in hand, and read a
biography to us. We got this book, and several
others, from our friends, the Conjurskes, in
Rhinelander. It is called "Jimmie Moore of Bucktown"
, and it is our current "secret documents," only Daddy
is permitted to read it.

The kids went to bed at about 9pm. They love bedtime
in the bus. The boys breakdown the dinette into beds
and put bedding and pillows on them. The girls set up
toothbrushing. Ben has the job of setting up Dad &
Mom's airbed, which goes on the two first row
dinettes, across the aisle. This helps obviate the
Taco/Culvert bed issues, but also is better because
Dad & Mom are right near front door if we have
visitors come knocking.

We are learning alot of good lessons being in close
quarters all day long. We are trying to remember to
pass items front to back, or vice versa, instead of
shove our way through. The aisle is narrow.

Well, we'll be back on the road soon, Lord willing!
Good night!

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