Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Itenerary update!

Our loosely sketched interary is undergoing some tentative revisions that I wanted to briefly toss on the internet, but I don't know if they will stick.

We are now looking at leaving Madison Friday afternoon-ish. We are ditching the Luverne, Minnesota -- Blue Mound State park idea, as they have no availability for the Memorial Day weekend, and we are arriving later in the week than we'd had reservations. So without reservation, we are hoping to be leaching electricity off the LUETHJE family, as we think its their turn to, uh, HOST us. If that works out for them. If not, we can try the Pamida parking lot or something.

So, if we leave Friday-ish, and if we drive all night, that would call for our leaching to begin about Saturday the 28th of May, but we could wimp and do that sleep thang, which would make us arrive even later Saturday.

I think we'd be in Luverne a full 24 hours, and that is subject to change, but don't quote me, okay?

Thanks for watching this blog! Much love from Madison!

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