Saturday, June 18, 2005

Yucca blooms

Yuccas are these tree/plants that look like Cousin It after putting his finger in a light socket. They spike a stem 3-4 feet high from Cousin It's scalp, and have marvelous cream colored blooms that look like bridal bouquets. They cover the wide, flat, cloudless desert.

Its been toasty here on the bus. Since we are moving east, we devised a way to double-cover the sunny side windows on the bus (usually the south side) with our velcro edged window covers, to keep it shadier. Then we open windows on the opposite side.

The floor of the bus heats up as the day progresses. We found a lone fig bar in a package on the floor, and after taking a bite, found it was crispy on the outside & hot inside! Like a pop tart.

Last night we drove till we dropped, at about 10 pm, finishing a stretch of over 24 hours from Sacramento! Praise the Lord for safety & not overheating!

We finally stopped at FORT WILCOX RV CAMPGROUND in Wilcox, Arizona. It was so nice! First, it was big. Second, it was friendly. The night self-registration informed us we could park & square up in the morning. We found a pull through right next to the laundry/shower building. The ladies and men's showers (separate of course) were just like a grandma's bathroom, clean, cute, homey. The pay shower (water rationing) was stuck on, which was a blessing, because we only had enough quarters for 2 laundry loads (we put extra cash in our registration). Oh, and the laundry room was filled with laundry supplies, in case you didn't have any.

Wilcox is small, and the cool evening, and black velvet sky, well, you get the idea.

Today we blitzed through New Mexico, Land of Enchanting Diesel Prices, $2.69 a gallon, like I am so sure. We held out till Texas as much as possible, and now in Texas, $2.19. Hoping to get home by tomorrow afternoon. We are right outside El Paso now, I think.

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