Thursday, June 30, 2005

Some pictures of the bus!!

Just hanging out with the Good Sam crowd. (We parked here first!)

Every luxury motorcoach needs one of these! This is a custom-welded rack, that Uncle Bob Klein crafted for us out of sheet metal before our very eyes! It is so strong, Dave can dance on the thing! (The black portion on the right.) The green portion is the base of the generator. Uncle Bob welded that on our bumper too (with bars underneath to support it), and then tailored the black portion to match. We attached a rugged tool box on the other side, you know, to make it look more symmetrical and classy! Zak designed and built the shelter. Mommy and Solomon John shingled!

Daddy (aka Dave "I don't do hardware" Klein) rigged up this gas can with a fuel line to power the generator. It worked great! We know now we need to ADD OIL to keep this thing running!

Zak and Solomon got quite used to climbing up and getting under the hood, to refill the radiator and check the oil. What's nice on a schoolbus is you can also get ON the hood...even if you have a dozen children!

Of course, alot of work goes into preparing for a trip like this. Here are some members of the janitorial team!

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