Monday, June 13, 2005

A note from Zak


Well, it's been very interesting yesterday, today, and, probably, forever. We finally got the bus back from the shop, just in time to put it back in. Personally I've been jumping around our rental van (if it may be called be called jumping) trying to keep the littler kids quiet/alive, cleaning up Sammy's 'cheeseburgers' that didn't quite stay down, and be lazy all at the same time. Quite a challenge, I can assure you. In case you needed assurance. If you didn't, sorry.
We had an interesting clash of emotions (or some other fancy sounding [something fancy sounding]) after getting the bus out. First we were all excited that everything was ready, then we were excited that Future Ford was open late enough for us to get it back in the shop.

This all seems to be a big blow but thinking about it, it really could be worse. Paul, after all, was delayed months on his journey, and he also had some major 'mechanical difficulties' with his vehicle. We're just not quite as flexible as they were back then. But the same God who got Paul where he needed to go is still here and working, and we know He'll get us to wherever we need to go, when we need to get there. It's a frustrating view from our angle, but, as we have seen over and over, our vision isn't much to boast about.

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