Friday, June 17, 2005

Through the Grapevine, 3 am, 35 mph, AOK!

¡No hay problemo!

We made it with no problems through the pass over the
Tehachapis on I 5. We are at Palm Desert, in the Palm
Springs area. Its very windy and bright and 80
degrees. Dave's gonna try to install the new fuel
filter on the generator, so we can use the roof a/c.
Otherwise, we will be one hot tamale.

Grandma had her bi-monthy infusion therapy this a.m.
so it didn't work out to see her. Perhaps we can see
Grandma & Grandpa Yearwood (Auntie Susie's inlaws)
near Tuscon? Dave thinks we can make it there by
tonight & maybe hit a camground. We'll see.

All but Dave are rolling around the beds and starting
to rouse. There's alot of stuff on the floor. Its
good to be home.

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