Saturday, June 11, 2005

Southbound Interstate 5, 30 miles south of Sacto

We left this morning from Grandma and Grandpa's. Had to call AAA to get the keys which were locked in the van first! Didn't take too long. Its a genetic thing.

Noah has come into 16 quarters, which he carries around in his pockets. I noticed he really wanted to foot the bill for a 12 pack of sodies at the truck stop here, but he just told me he had 3 quarters. That reminds me that we need to frisk the little kids for any of cousin Jami's toys.

Anywho, yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting Aunt Jennie and Uncle Toby, Aunt Dolores, Aunt Mary Lou and Cousin Kerrie, with Ryan, Ashley, and Kaitlin, and Aunt Lupe and Uncle Don! Wow! They joined us with Grandma and Grandpa for a fun picnic dinner, and we are so blessed to see them all! Thanks for coming and please email photos ASAP!

We will add photos to this blog eventually, bear with us!

Anyway, we got out the door a bit later than we hoped, but hopefully poor Grandma can rebuild the house before her next batch of relatives makes it over, THIS MORNING! (Auntie Susie said she would have to level her house after we left, ha ha?)

So, we will be back in Sacramento until our bus radiator is rebuilt, and then we hope to make it to Mexico as fast as our little transmission will carry us. We miss our bus so much, but the air conditioning in the rental van has been a blessing! Also, thanks Uncle Eddie for the tunes! Zak is picking up so many of them by EAR, like "They that go down to the sea in ships" which has been Ben's lullaby since he was a little Klein.

So we miss our bus and we are missing the elbow room. And bathroom, and running water and tables and the whole enchilada! But, we are still having a great time visiting and that's what counts!

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