Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i'm bloggin' it

We are at Mc Donalds after a wonderful evening spent with wonderful people! Since we are sans RV, we don't have the luxury of bathroom breaks in transit, and we knew if we didn't stop before getting back to our part of town, we'd have some wet, sleepy-heads. And McD also has internet, wow.

Tomorrow we hope to leave from Sacramento and head south to Los Angeles, as previously mentioned. Even though we can't take the RV and are kind of making two trips down south, we are thankful to have some faster wheels, and the smaller size will make navigation easier in certain parts of L.A.

Last night, we got to see our dear friend Arlene and her daughter Tara, and Tara's three little children. We enjoyed a wonderful visit, first time since 2001, I guess. Then we headed over to Creative T's N Things, domain of Grandpa Edd and Bachan (Grandma Mabel). We enjoyed a tour of their new facilities and diet cream soda. A silk-screen shop is a scary place for a mom with lots of little ones, as they have gallons of this special silk-screen ink that NEVER DRIES. They don't even bother to put the lids back on the tubs of it. It only dries after running through a special garmen heater, which bakes it on or something. Fortunately, we seemed to escape without mishap...this time. We had a nice dinner with them, visited their house, and Bachan (Japanese for "grandma") loaded us down with a whole lot of shelf-stable convenience foods. Thanks alot!

Today, we visited Auntie Chris Todd, and daughter Lisa, and grandbaby Emily! That was alot of fun for all of us too. Dave hung back at the laundromat, getting caught up on some work. We hear Lisa is EXPECTING AGAIN! We ladies and kids played at the park and had a bite to eat, before we had to head back to get Daddy, and head towards the site of the evening gathering.

We met with family and friends at Rusch Park for a bring your own dinner thang. It was so wonderful to see folks we haven't seen for maybe 10 years! Wow! Thank you so much for coming everyone! Grandpa Bill seemed to enjoy having certain grandchildren show an interest in his unique method of baby tooth extraction, Grandma Penny fed us like kings, Uncle Eddie wailed away Petra songs, Baby Danielle packed away enough watermelon to maybe double her body weight...it was all around really neat. We feel very loved! I wish we could have given folks more lead time, as we know everyone is busy, but maybe next time.

So, get ready for the Kleins of the Rio Grande, all you folks down south!

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