Friday, June 17, 2005

On a bus with no name

We are driving through the desert now. The generator
runs, but won't power anything. Fortunately, our
inverter does run for now. It had been overheating,
but we have a box fan running. So we can keep
curtains closed for shade, but still have ventilation.
And we're not buying gas
for it.

We passed many radiator water stops ("Caution possible
killer bee activity") on another stretch of grade at
about 9am. Praise the Lord we haven't needed to stop!

We always do this routine with the chiidren when
they're young: "Who made the world?" And they say:
GOD did! "Who made the trees?" GOD did! "Who made
the stars?" GOD did! But then we'd see a man-made
object, and they'd at first say God made the truck or
house or whatever. No, we'd say, people did that, but
GOD made the people. But it made me feel a bit
defensive inside, like, why couldn't God make a house
or truck?

Duh! A house or a truck is like a playdoh snail
compared to a tree or fish, or generator! He is the
best engineer in the universe! Even though the rest
of our stuff will be as hot as the desert or hotter
(engine), our bodies will remain right at 98.6 because
of our personal cooling systems! Good ol' sweat!

Dave is enjoying some much needed sleep in the
recovering taco bed. The boys are pumping diesel. We
just crossed a beautiful river which God made, and are
now in Arizona! A guy just came up to us to
complement the bus: "You're living my dream!"

Susanna just gave me a hug, "We have six wheels, "
she said accurately, "two in front and two in back!"

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