Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Good news/Good news

"I think the LORD is trying to teach us to not make plans, and let Him make the plans!" Hannah, 10

Welp, the nice folks at Future Ford (we won't put in the interesting insights our kids had about THAT name) squeezed our 38 foot bus in a bit ahead of the pack and pronounced that we need a new radiator. Only, that a new radiator no longer existed for our bus. So, they are sending our old one out to be rebuilt, just somewhere here in the area. At least one week till its ready.

So, we have rented a 15 pass van ("the mini van"), and are whizzing around at posted speed limits with the greatest of ease, although its hard to break the habit of allowing 3 car lengths before you pass someone.

Grandma Penny's pad is working out very nice as our landing pad.

Had wonderful visits here in Sacramento which we hope to document ASAP.

Current hope is to leave sometime mid-morning TOMORROW - WEDNESDAY for the Los Angeles area, using the "mini van". Hope to arrive by sunset or so at Grandma and Grandpa Klein's house (will call during the drive!). Then, we will high-tail it back to Sacramento on the weekend to pick up our home away from home, and head to El Paso, TX.

Will try to post more after our get together tonight at Rusch Park, 5 PM till dark, Citrus Heights!

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