Sunday, June 05, 2005

Room in the inn

We made it down the mountain a.o.k., praise the LORD! Our radiator heats up, but we just crank that good ol' heater, which was SUCH a wonderful thing when we were in chilly Wyoming and South Dakota. Here in Sacramento, its a little overkill. The generator doesn't work, so we don't have air conditioning. So we have the heater on and the windows down!

We arrived in the evening after dinner and connected with Grandpa Bill and Grandma Penny at Rusch Park for ICE CREAM. The little girls always get a kick out of the names Bill and Penny...because they are both monetary terms. We reviewed all the zillions of photos that the kids took with Sarah's new/used camera (12th birthday present). Lots of pictures of our fun time in Lake Almanor, and elsewhere. And of course we took a few photos. Eventually it got darker and darker, so we had to call it a night.

Since it was getting late, our hope was to find a place to empty our waste tank, take showers, the whole enchilada. On a Saturday night, without reservations. So we headed out to the only campground we knew of, in Loomis, and prayed for a spot, and for a wireless internet, too. We arrived when the office was closed, and the night registration box had "campground full" markers. We noticed you could pay a small fee to empty your waste tank, so we did that, and figured we'd be on our way.

Then this guy in a pickup showed up and asked about if we had paid our fee. He learned we had been looking for a place to stay, and pointed just across the driveway to an open slot and invited us to take it. He is a caretaker. Oh, by the way, the campground has wireless internet too. So we praise the LORD for that!

Our plans were not without some snags. After loading up all of our clean clothes for a late night trip to the shower, we realized we had no clean towels. Oh well.

Tomorrow we hope to do some visiting and some laundry, not necessarily in that order. Good night.

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