Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Nowhere fast

TDS came out and delivered us a "new" tire & tube last
night. Actually a new tire would mess up the other
dually, and cost $200 more. So they kindly saved us
a truck call and were very kind.

So we got in line at the 24/7 truck shop and had
dinner at the in-house Taco Bell with our pal, Bill
Kleinbach, who has 12 children (grown).

Three hours later, our number was up, but it was a big
zero, as they couldn't handle our split rims.

Split rims are largely phased out in the States. They
are very common in Mexico, as they allow the driver to
fix his own flats without special equipment on the
road. The rim is made of two connecting "c" shaped

However, if not installed with wisdom & caution, fatal
accident (decapitations) can occur. So they are less
common in the States.

So we were told to try Big O in the morning. We
camped out in the Walmart lot, enjoying a morning
thunderstorm. We tried the nearby Big O, but that
was also a big zero.

So, then we tried good ol' TDS, and they said no
problem! Now our new tire is all installed!

Bill, last night, adjusted our brakes (they had been
pulling right), and tightened belts. He is between
jobs and lives out of a small camper which houses him
& his tools. Until his new job in June starts, he
just hangs out here, helping out travelers. He would
accept no money from us.

So today we hope to cross the Great Salt Desert, and
see how far we get. Its 10 am.

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