Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Time to head south

The last couple of days have been very busy! We have tried to make the most of the time that our bus/home has been in the shop.

Yesterday (Tuesday), Debbie and the children did alot of driving in the "minivan" (15 pass rental van), while Dave hung out at Future Ford and got some work done while taking advantage of their free coffee. The rest of us had a wonderful time with Auntie Susie and Alex, Allison, and Baby Emily ("Booper Lovely" as we call her) at the Folsom Zoo/Park. Sammy was quite sick, so we didn't actually go to the zoo, but parts of it came to us. We mommies spent alot of time kicking back on the blankie with the babies, while the older cousins kept everyone local for us. Grandma Penny treated all the cousins to a fun train ride, and everyone played on the playground and had lunch. It was really nice.

After finding our way out of Folsom, Debbie and children ventured to the Fair Oaks part of town, and saw long time family friend NANCY SALEMI, proud grandma of two. Our visit was short but sweet! It has been so many years! Thanks for inviting us, Nancy!

Then we tracked down Auntie Dawnel, also in Fair Oaks, and arranged to have her pop by in her new car. When I say new, I mean used, but after 14 years with the same Honda, it sure is new to her!

Then we headed over to Uncle Eddie and Auntie Dena's house, and seeing the house empty and doors unlocked, proceeded to use the facilities and return the much appreciated CD's they lent us...just in time for them to arrive home and find us stuffing their trash cans with our rental car garbage. Oops! We love you guys! Thanks!

So, the Ford place gave us leave to take the bus home that night, as it still needed one more part replaced. The part would arrive the next morning (that's today -- Wednesday!) That was nice!

Dave and boys went to HOME DEPOT (no place like it) to get some hardware, while Debbie and Aunti Dawnel tried to settle the rest of the children in their sleeping bags. After Dave returned, Debbie and Dawnel stepped out in Dawnel's new car and did a little shopping and a lot of talking, till 1 AM or something. It was great! Love you sis!

We returned the rental van this morning early (also Wednesday), and became a one car family again!

The latest on the bus was that it needed a "fan clutch", and as mentioned, it would arrive this morning (Wednesday) at 9 AM. The waiting room at Future Ford is not that big, and staying at the house would slow us down in alot of ways, so we asked Grandpa Edd and Bachan if Debbie and 11 of the children could hang out at CREATIVE T'S N THINGS. They graciously agreed. Are they nuts or what? So we loaded up a few necessities for the day, roughly about 100 lbs of stuff, and invaded their shop. We found it very fun and interesting. We worked on getting our homeschool group newsletter typeset, printed, collated and stuffed and addressed. Noah was the only one to lock himself in the bathroom. That was refreshing. We were given massive doses of cookies by Grandpa Edd. Bachan (Grandma Mabel -- Bachan is Japanese for Grandma) did a couple of loads of laundry with their inhouse laundry set up.

Dave and Ben were able to test the bus on a good nearby hill by the Ford shop, and it did well...even without the heater running! Wow! Just like old times!

Eventually Dave and Ben picked us up and we were reunited, and then Grandpa Bill and Grandma Penny dropped in to CREATIVE T'S N THINGS to say a last goodbye and check out the cool wheels. We are so thankful for their help in housing us, and mechanical advice and catering delicious picnic lunches in the park. We love you!

Then, we were invited to Grandpa Edd and Bachan's pad for pizza, and enjoyed some time with Bachan's daughter Kimi and children Devante and Azaria (sorry if I mangled those names!). They loaded us down with various tools and things, and we are very thankful for their hospitality! We love you!

Now we are gearing up to do a few RV furniture repairs, clean up the house and bus and blow this taco stand we call Sacramento. We will be heading south, at least to Tuscon, Arizona. From there, we'll decide if we will attempt Mexico or just head back to deep south Texas. It's possible that we could do Mexico at a later date on a separate trip. We wil be praying about which way to go.

We have seen so many folks and so much of Sacramento, it has been amazing! We know God held us over here for a reason.

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