Monday, June 24, 2013

To the Pacific (Time Zone)!

We continued west, enjoying the unsettled, spring skies and cool weather.  Our joke is that our bus’s air conditioner only works in the winter.  

So the weather was cool enough that the air conditioner worked.


The excitement of nearing the end began to rise!  The excitement of sitting on the grass, too.

The Columbia River Gorge was gorgeous.

Wheels down, Washington.  Getting the wipers in shape...

The day after our arrival…meeting up with special friends.

Uncle Van sets up the hooks.

The fish-squeezing club!

Seeing precious Grandma B!

This young man hooks 'em, cleans 'em, and fries 'em!  Yum!  The Kleins were grossed out by the cleaning part, but gladly partook.

We don't say goodbye, we say "So long!"

And then we are on to the Seattle Creation Conference -- more soon!

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