Friday, June 07, 2013

The trip continues - to Montana

The purpose of the travel update is not to make the reader aware of every aspect of our trip, as that would be pretty long and tiring...

We passed a lot of landscape, but most of it went unnoticed, either in the night hours, or because of our propensity for reading, occasionally on paper...

We are trying to just recall the pleasant or challenging parts of our trip.  Already we are finding we have forgot stuff!  So back to our story....

We just sooooo enjoyed the wonderful take out containers that our neighbors blessed us with, so much more practical than paper plates.  When he dropped them off, we kind of wondered if they would be just baggage, but we have used almost all of them up!

We scored some broccoli slaw and added various extras and dressings.  Broccoli slaw is healthy, full of fiber, and yummy; it is basically all the stuff they would normally throw away after processing broccoli!   Very easy to mix up a salad and eat on the road.  Yummy!

As we traveled along the northern tier states towards Washington, our next big destination was the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, in Glendive, Montana.  So, we found a very practical mobile home for rent for a night, and bolstered the local economy by cleaning out the deli's chicken tenders for making some tacos!

After a few days driving in the bus, a mobile sure seemed stable beneath our feet.  The area was experiencing heavy rain, and, surprise, severe storms!

Wow -- a washer and dryer!  We kept this pair humming all night!  What a blessing!

The only hitch was that there was no dry path to and from the bus, so we tracked a ton of Yellowstone mud into the bus and mobile home.   We did our best to leave things tidy....  we had scheduled a tour with Mr. Otis Kline (note spelling), founder and curator of the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.  So, that was our next stop!

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