Sunday, June 09, 2013

Here In The Morning

The moon is fading fainter still 
And as the sun wakes to the day
The clouds cling over tree and hill
Till the sun’s light melts them away

The swallows chase each other round
While hummingbirds fly in my face
And the flowers peek above the ground
Still sleepy from their resting place

The morning’s glory fills my eyes
And shines and takes my breath away
I look up to the morning skies
And watch You bring in a new day

And all the beauty that I see
Remains a token of Your grace
That made all this beauty for me
Now in the light I see Your face

You give this day into my hand
Wrapped in the glory of the dawn
I take this gift, as here I stand
And watch the rising sun shine on

And here in the morning
I will seek You

-- photo and poem by Hannah Rose Klein, 
from Silverlake, Washington

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