Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why teach your child to read using the Bible?

As we prepare for conference season, we are about too busy to even post!

We are packing, and washing, and printing, and stapling, and revising, and shopping, and weeding, and mowing, and sewing, and flossing (not often enough), and pretty busy. The boys are getting ready for taking registrations for our family's first tech conference. We have stacks of pixels we'd like to post, but thought we'd just share some encouragement to our home schooling brothers and sisters!

Here is a little intro from one of our very own articles...things we are learning here at home. Nothing is new under the sun...we are just rediscovering what was a no-brainer for many who have gone before.

Why Teach Your Child to Read
Using the Bible?

1. It demonstrates that we reject the world’s assertion that reading the Bible is not for children, but agree with Paul’s commendation to Timothy “that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures which are able to make thee wise unto salvation…” 2 Timothy 3:15

2. Because our child is familiar with the Bible from their earliest days, using the Bible gives them a head start on reading comprehension.

3. Our child has portions of it memorized already. As reading begins, our child has a boost with remembering the many irregularities in English spelling.

4. Our child enjoys having their own Bible and equates it with being BIG.

5. Our child will need the Bible their whole life long.

6. Rather than giving our child a taste for silly phonetic characters, we are giving them a taste for God’s Word.

7. The Bible, unlike phonics readers, is SUPPOSED to mean something! Rather than sweating over consonant blends, our child asks questions about the meaning of the verse!

8. There are no pictures, so less invitation for our child to guess words.

9. They can begin to participate more in family Bible reading and follow along in church meetings.

10. We do not need extra accessories, and the Bible is totally portable. Washer on the blink today? Bring the Bible to the laundromat!

11. When we teach reading using the Bible, we don’t drop our child off at a certain "grade level".

12. Every time you sit down to learn to read with the Bible, you are guaranteed to be blessed!

13. The Bible is the most important book ever written.

Check out the whole article, Teaching Reading Using the Bible, at our website, or better yet, stop by our booth at one of the conferences we are exhibting at this year! (Dates and locations on sidebar!)

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