Monday, May 30, 2011

CHEA 2011: The conference (May 26-27)

We made it to the conference, and we were able to unload the dry stuff over the wet stuff.

As we set up our table space, Mommy was wondering how far the mold bacteria had multiplied in her hiking boots....

The girls can almost do it blindfolded.

Here are the "Amos booklets."

Susanna has the job of periodically rearranging the booklets.

We found a spinning literature rack at a thrift store. It was really neat! But we dismantled it to further improve it for our purposes. We took the once-vertical clear holders and mounted them horizontal. In this way, the covers to our booklets are easily visible.

And we are in business!

Visiting with friends we only see once a year.

We set up a table so that the children could work on their Bible copy. They were a little distracted by all the activities (not unlike the way in which the Pacific Ocean is a little covered with water).

Our table's location is chosen based on the location of Dave's Creation Resources: your AiG away from AiG!

The clearing skies facilitated....

..the drying of the tent! Every resort needs a tent in the parking lot, right?

Classing up the Olympia Resort!

The boys located themselves nearest the plush chairs and WiFi waves, putting in some hours on projects in the works.



Brothers and sister!

This young couple is contemplating the start of a family home business breeding exotic insects. (Hee, hee, hee!)

Chris Klicka's parents are regular supporters of the Wisconsin conference, and they come to share the encouragement God gave Chris during his battle with MS.

The Kleins are always looking for new ways to make noise. This noise was kind of grating...

The little Kleins are always looking for more new ways to make noise. This noise was kind of quiet! : )

Doubling their photo-documenting efficiency.

Gideon helps with marketing at our booth.

Correcting Sammy's Bible copy.

Abi's display generates a lot of interest!

Breaking for lunch. Joshie finds sandwich consumption easier without the greenery.

Fun with food!


Sunshine, dry my boots!

Missing the Mayos, as we spread the Mayo!

Whoa! Stop! We've spotted pillbugs!

Was this included in the price of the admission?

Don't worry, we're on the job.

We've come across these many times.

An upside down rainbow?

A young dad who desires to train up his children in the nurture and admonition of the LORD!

That's what it's all about!

Serving broccoli!

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