Thursday, May 26, 2011

CHEA 2011: Packing and driving (May 23)

As our new trend is photo-documenting everything, here are some photos of our trip preparation....

1. Do laundry. Find and wash every single item you can possibly find. Search the closets, under the furniture, under the washer and dryer. This is Mommy's response to any who dare to announce prior to departure: "I need more socks!"

2. Putting outfits together for each person. Certain children are prone to spilling cranberry juice all over themselves, so packing must take this into account.

3. Rebuild the bus-closet. The most bounce free-zone in the bus (if a zone could be bounce-free in the bus) is over the rear wheels. Ironed clothes are hung here in hopes that they will stay hung for the duration of the drive.

4. Take cute pictures of Joshie.

5. Everyone get on board.

6. Everyone get settled with their favorite past-time (for some, crochet).

7. Waiting for everyone to get on board can be a little draining.

8. This is not really a step. The bus has a couple of pop up tops for ventilation, great for photo-documenting your travels!

8. Clear skies for most of the drive, leaving severe storms in St Louis behind us for a while.

9. Scientifically organized to facilitate two wonderful days of camping prior to CHEA! Not designed to store wet campgear near things that should remain dry for CHEA. (Foreshadowing alert.)

10. Enjoying the drive....what drive?

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