Thursday, May 26, 2011

CHEA 2011: Camping, Day 1 (May 23)

The weather was just beautiful for most of our time at Devil's Lake State Park. (Foreshadowing alert #2.) First order of business was popping up the pop-up tent.

This is not my father's Coleman tent. Many memories I have of arriving in the dark late at night and putting together the old green canvas tent with chunky, aluminum poles.

This baby practically sets itself up....

... even a child (or a few of them) can do it!

Not sure of the wisdom of this: we put a tarp beneath the tent, like thinking it will prolong the life of the floor of the tent, or keep moisture away from it, or kind of keep any potential rain water from flooding out the inhabitants of the tent....

...as well as acting as a door mat for those wanting to enter.

It was yet dandelion season in Wisconsin.

Dandelions in every phase of their existence!

The grass was dewy and had not yet been mowed.

Overall, the campground was fairly empty...until we showed up.

First order of business: cooking dinner.

Second order of business: eating dinner!


Joshie really enjoyed the long-anticipated camping trip. Especially the part where we used the "yellow screwdrivers" (plastic tent stakes)!

Special time with dear friends!

Everyone has grown!

Dear sisters in Christ!

I think I figured out why everyone is complaining that their arms hurt...

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