Monday, November 08, 2010

We're back!

We had a great week and half up in Wisconsin together.. re-roofing our old house in preparation for a family who is moving in this month. It was a wonderful time, yet grueling at times! There was plenty to keep us all busy until we finally HAD to head back to St Louis.

The weather was just right for roofing, everyone was healthy, and we had some good visits with friends.

We arrived back home in the middle of the night Saturday, during that time when you are supposed to set your clocks back an hour! When we woke up, the house was 55 degrees inside! No heat! We got off to church and when we came back, it was warmer outside the house than inside, so we opened the windows and turned on the whole house fan to warm up!

Later that afternoon, our friends came over and Jerry was able to find and fix the problem, so we are toasty this morning! Praise the LORD!

Now we are unpacking and putting things back to normal. We will complete the rest of our "schedule" post soon. Would like to post some roofing photos, too. We are so thankful to the LORD for helping us and keeping everyone safe up there!

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