Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good stuff!

We will get back to our schedule soon, hopefully, but we wanted to share some really challenging and encouraging messages on the family which we recently discovered!

These are by an older brother, Robert Gessner. His words are full of wisdom and sincerity and have been a blessing to us.

First message Introduction, describing the fact that families today are in trouble.

Second message Regarding the problem of permissive parenting.

Third message Regarding the problem of encouraging covetousness and materialism in our children's hearts!!

Fourth message Regarding the fear of our family and children being different from the world and "What is planning your family life?"

We hope you can check them out! Please try!

The taping wasn't perfect, so one message cuts off too soon at the end and one seems to start late, but you can hear them fine.

The next couple of weeks we are doing a major project, and we'll update as we are able! We will really be enjoying the fall weather!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kleins!
Sorry we missed you !
What a nice note . We hope to see you soon!
God Bless !
Kalyn for the Dyer

(nylak!!!!(: }

Debbie said...

Hey yall! We are wanting you to call us! Tried to email you and we are locked out of your blog! Could you call? Campfire potluck Saturday at 4!!! Or earlier if it works out!

Otherwise we will be here through at least first part of the week! 3719

Love to all!!!!

Luke C. said...

Hello Kleins! Just wanted to say hi, just found out about this blog, I like it a lot!
Hope to see you up here in WI sometime, CHEA maybe? (Hopefully sooner)
God Bless,
Luke Crigger