Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The best cheesecake we've had in a long time! Pt 1

Here are some of MANY photos from our recent 10 day trip to Wisconsin! Our mission was to re-roof the old homestead for some tenants who are moving in this month. It was a whole lotta: work, fun, wonderful weather, chili, fellowship, late nights, cold mornings and other wonderful memories and character building experiences.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to reshuffle all the photos, as they get uploaded in reverse order. So keeping that in mind, you can kind of let the pictures speak for themselves! Remember, reverse order, and this is about the first 1/3 in reverse order!

Bekah hauling chairs out to the firepit for our first campfire!

Winning the prize for longest distance to come visit us is our dear brother Dan from Rhinelander, who also inspired the title of this post. This is day 3 of the tear-off.

Shingles from days gone by...

We had planned to have yogurt and oats every morning, but soon switched to chorizo and egg burritos because: a) We preferred a hot breakfast, and b) The local Aldis carries chorizo! Who'd have thought?

Chili by the campfire!

Catching up with more dear friends!

Ahhh..... fall in Wisconsin.

Little buddies, reunited.

The Dyer's newest blessing, born after our move to St Louis.

Surveying the progress of the tear-off.

Joshie was so happy to have his own work gubs.

Zak supervised the project.

The asphalt tsunami!

First efforts at tear-off were without roof shovels. Slow going!

Raking leaves.

Keep this in mind as the "before" picture of the dumpster!

The morning after our arrival. Getting down to business.

Mmmmm...what's for dinner? Chili? Yay!

The wardrobe.

Fueling up at one of our favorite stations on the route. After taking our order for 30 dollar sandwiches, the lady running the adjoining fast food restaurant shouted the staff into high gear, gave me a free soda "to drink while you wait" and profusely thanked me for our business! Not the usual response!

More photos to come!


Mountain Mover said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your family. You all always seem so joyful. Thanks for the post.

BTW, do you all know your inkleinations domain is expired? I just thought you all might want to look into it.

God bless,

The Mover

Jessica M said...

Looks like you guys had a good time!
Were sooo sad that we didnt get to see ya'll...
Hope you all are doing well, we miss you guys!!!
Hope to see ya'll soon, Many Blessings!


P.S. Cant wait for the "more pics coming soon" ;)