Monday, December 29, 2008

More done than we've ever been

With the completion and installation of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, we are looking like we are nearing the end of our kitchen remodel journey. We just lack a few pieces of trim, which the boys worked on while we ate breakfast. Didn't bother to clean up before these shots...

As I have pointed out plenty of times, the sink is a demo model. It is so nice, but just has a small finished area of counter. So we raised that, as its supposed to be better for your back. I believe it is much better on the back. It would be nice to have a bit more counter by the sink, but we do have an "island" counter right behind it. Zak built these drawers on either side of the sink. Well, I guess he built it all, but building drawers seemed like such a mystery to me...

Solomon attaching trim to the corner display shelves. Looked much more "finished" after that was on.

Here you can see the new floor they put in, just hours before Joshie was born. More drawers...

We decided to leave this section doorless, more of a display, as it is kinda higher. Zak did put trim on the edges of the shelves, so it looks really good now.

The microwave/hood required some extra electrical work, which Ben was able to do sucessfully. We figured that would be a eye-catching feature for potential buyers when they enter, since the kitchen is the first room you see.

We have learned alot through this whole project, LOTS of mistakes and do-overs and changes mid-stream. Now when we look at odd features of the house, we are a little more understanding and sympathetic! We still are dealing with a leak under the sink, which was what we started with. That is not to complain, but just to make it clear, they are still learning lots. We are really excited about what they were able to do, and ESPECIALLY for God's protection while they did it!

Everyone is more appreciative of what goes into such a project.

We'll post better pictures later, as we need to do them for our realtor.

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