Sunday, December 07, 2008

A little fellowship in Little Chute

Last weekend, we enjoyed a few days near Appleton, where our dear friends at the Fox Valley Bible Chapel hosted Mike Attwood. Dave has enjoyed listening to Mike's teaching on Voices for Christ, and last year, learned he was going to be speaking here in Wisconsin. So our first visit was last winter, in that cold, old bus!

Mike is originally from England, but that's not the only reason we enjoy listening to him, honest!

Here's Mike with Dave and some of the young men. On Friday, Mike gave a message to the youth, to which Dave took our top six.

Once again we were hosted by our friends, the Morells.

We first met the Morells last year, when we stayed with them for Mike's visit last November. We all hit it off right from the start, which seemed to set them at ease, since we outnumber them. They have six sweet children.

Here are all the Klein girls and Morell girls...

And here are the young men, sans Gideon, who was busy defying gravity or something...

We all enjoy meeting with the folks at the assembly here, especially Joshie, as he is currently the only baby there!

There was a thought-provoking meeting on Friday meeting for the youth on the meaning of holiness. The rest of the weekend was dealing with the Levitical offerings and how they illustrate or foreshadow the life and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. Wish we could have stayed for Sunday, but they are good at posting audio of meetings. So we can listen later.

Here are Zak and Joel Morell (also 19) , enjoying the visit with Mike. Mike has 5 children, and the oldest is about 23. It looks like Zak and Joel are smiling about his accent, but I'm sure they really aren't.

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