Friday, December 26, 2008

Heat wave!

Today, we are having something new: above freezing temps! For the next 48 hours, we will be doing some major thawing around here. So, in addition to playing, we need to groom our walks and clean up the duck pen. Dave helped transport some fresh hay to the duck pen.

Susanna made this baby snow man for Joshie. It has a baby carrot nose. Giddy was determined to tell us all that he kissed this snow-baby, just as he kisses Joshie every day. Up until now, efforts for snowmanship have been in vain, as it was dry and stuck together like salt crystals. But today, you could create the traditional snow man, or in our case, the traditional Ramahuma...

This fall, we decided it would be smart to run electricity out to the driveway so we could plug in the bus without needing a bunch of extension cords connecting to the shop. So we dug and laid cable and then Dave, who is a genius in his spare time, said "Hey, what about putting in a lamp post?" Wow. Did we need a lamp post! So, we did so, and have been so thankful for this much needed light in our otherwise dark driveway! It had really been difficult and even dangerous without it.

Ben wired the light and it has a sensor so it automatically goes on at night.

We played into twilight, and Hannah and I chipped away at the compacted snow on our path, which is turning to slush. We are expecting freezing temps Saturday night, so any standing water will turn to sheet ice.

Joshua was out surveying the snowy backyard. This was his first leisure time in the snow. At 4 months tomorrow, he felt it was brisk. We suited him up in one of his two snow suits. Wish they made something this cozy for parents!

He was really fascinated by all the frosty scenery! He's so sweet! Thank you Lord Jesus for this new blessing!

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