Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sioux Falls conference report

We had a great time in Sioux Falls and met some neat folks, as well as catching up with good friends from our tenure in Luverne, Minnesota. Regrettably, we forgot our (still) camera, so I am not posting any pictures.

Dave's talks, College Considerations for Christians, and Education of Kings (Bible copy) drew small but interested crowds.

Dave was very rushed for time going into this weekend. His client permits him to work in advance of taking time off, so he can still get his hours in. This is a big BLESSING. But it left almost no time to make up slides or handouts for his talk. However, the thoughts have been on his heart for years. So he shared a combination of real life examples (from believers from the past, as well as more modern day examples) and scriptures that would seem to be relevant. Especially those pertaining to the priority of SERVANTHOOD.

There is a big emphasis among some in the "homeschool movement" (a term we use with reservation) on training children to be leaders. But Jesus said the path to leadership is SERVANTHOOD.

"But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
And whoever shall exalt himself shall be abased;
and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted."
Matt 23:11

Zak's talk went well, but as he admits, it was with much fear and trembling on his part. His topic was "Missionaries and Martyrs" and included sharing a few songs on the topic, which all the kids helped with. We have been blessed to find lots of excellent resources, old and new, regarding the lives of believers who sought to live their faith. Many of these saints have been almost forgotten since they had little celebrity status. To read of the struggles and hardships they faced, and the acceptance and peace with which they met them...that is something that we feel best builds up our children. And as Zak pointed out, it adds context to geography, history, social studies, etc. So, the kids also compiled a resource list to share, with books, video, and audio stuff which our family has enjoyed.

I enjoyed giving a couple of talks too, sharing what the Lord has been teaching us as a family and me in particular. We feel that since we are still very much in the middle of our parenting careers, the Lord willing, we should try to mostly share things in a testimonial way. We are still learning.

It was neat to see people checking out the displays and taking literature from our table in the exhibit area. We didn't have it manned this time, as the stuff is free anyway, but occasionally camped out to visit with folks.

It was our great joy to learn that the brother heading up the conference has started his family doing Bible copy, after having read Education of Kings on our site! They spend 2 hours a day on this. We know the Lord will multiply their usefulness to His kingdom as they put first things first and sharpen those arrows! Way to go!

A week after the conference, we received a request for 5 copies of EOK, and we assumed it was someone we met in Sioux Falls, but the address was in TEXAS! We have also gotten neat letters and requests from: Washington, California, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin (of course) and a request from a brother who serves orphans in Guatemala!

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