Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Out and about

After a bit of snow last weekend, we have enjoyed more walks this week. We live on a state highway, but just opposite an industrial road that leads to a country road. So the sights and smells of farm life are not far away...but far enough away to not be offensive.

Suby, Sammy, Giddy and Noah pause in front of an old barn. This was a day for road kill: we spied a dead chipmunk (appeared to be natural causes), a dead turkey (appeared to have hit someone's windshield), but could not locate the dried snake we have been observing earlier this week.

Out looking for the beaver we saw this week. After running a few minutes, Giddy paused to ask for help, "I have shoes in my rocks."

Ben helps with a re-tread.

Back at home, Sammy gets our ducks in a row. We gave them access to our main garden, which has not yet been planted, except for the snow peas we planted about a month ago around the perimeter. Too late did we realize the ducks had helped with planting... the 4 inch high peas ... in their BELLIES. We figured they'd be so happy with the center of the space, they wouldn't discover them. Wrong.

Best $20 we ever spent...this model is powered by Mountain Dew, which is a little more expensive than gas, but it uses less. At the Klein house, they are waiting in line for their turn to use this thing!

Sammy has a ABC chart with a family photo on the back, so he can get the names and faces of the siblings straight as he learns to write. Today, he decided to do a self portrait, and we noticed him working dilligently to get all the details just right (in his 5 year old eyes). He shed a few tears while trying to get the eyes right. It looked so realistic...

...until he added the finishing touch!

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