Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting ready for Sioux Falls!

We are trying to get our ducks in a row (which is no exaggeration), among other things, for our trip to Sioux Falls this weekend. Very busy. First step to every trip is to clean and do laundry and organize so we can FIND stuff we need to bring! That is what we are doing. Everyone is very excited, and we have tons to do.

Last week, we had torrential rain, and afterwards noticed that our window caulking job on the bus was not up to standard, so we had alot of water in the bus. Unrelated to that, we had our first incident of basement flooding. So, as friend Lauren aptly said, when it rained, it poured. We redid the caulking, and our next batch of rain should hit us here by tomorrow mid-morning. Lord willing, we will be on our way before then, so we can have a dry trip! We will see.

Ducks are doing fine, and have made very little impact on our life thus far (that is, they are no hassle). We will probably keep them and look forward to a drastically reduced mosquito population. After things slow down, we will work on building them a better duck house and surrounds. During out weekend away, we are putting in a small wading pool, which we expected will be much appreciated (if ducks are capable of that emotion, doubtful).

Everyone is very excited, as mentioned, and we are looking forward to a great weekend of good fellowship and encouragement!

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