Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Schedule change

We have been notified by the organizers of the Missouri Christian Homeschool Fellowship (CHEF) that we will not be permitted to have exhibitor space at their upcoming conference next week. We received a brief email in March, followed by a refund of our exhibitor fees.

The organizers told us that it is because of differences with our theology and direction.

We attempted to communicate with them over the past weeks via three emails, but we had no response. Finally, we called, but it is a done deal. That is why we are just posting this now.

While we do have differences in theology and direction, we share similar theology and direction with many of their past speakers and exhibitors. But we trust that the Lord will use this situation for good.

So, we will miss those of you whom we expected to see at the conference. May the Lord guide you as you seek first His kingdom.

Lord willing, we will share more in future posts about how theology and direction affects our goals as homeschoolers. It is a very important topic.


Unknown said...

Kleins, we also are completely flummoxed by this decision on the part of CHEF. Our friends out at the Family Vision Library had a similar rejection notice from CHEF for this upcoming conference also. Still, we rejoice at hearing your godly and faithful response to this occurence here on your blog. Your faith and joy in the Lord are a great encouragement to us all. - Steve Morris.

Nitalinb said...

Interesting. This is sad, but I am glad that you guys are faithful.