Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Pre-CHEA Family Camp!

We are looking forward to the 2013 Wisconsin CHEA conference next month and hope to see some or all of you there!

In advance of the conference, we are camping for a few days at Lake Farm Park in Madison.  You are welcome to camp out with us, by reserving a campsite, or meeting up with us for the day(s) or evening(s) as you are able.  The office said visitors are welcome at the campground until 10 PM.  

So, we are reserving spaces 41, 50, and 44 (we have to get a bunch for our family since we are a bunch of people!).  If you are willing and able to camp, you can scope out the available sites here.

That will tell you where we are, and you can choose a campsite accordingly.  Campsites are about $26 a night with electricity, $17 without.   Here is a list of campsites.  (You may have to click on Lake Farm Park.)

We are thinking of doing pot luck style dinners and campfires on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  During the day, we would have time for fellowship and hiking and things.  We don't have anything really planned. 

Please let us know if you can make it!

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Brooke B. said...

Dear Klein fam...I miss you guys so much that I resorted to stalking your blog. What a fun & busy family:). I have been sick a lot lately and stalled on the thank you notes for my wedding but your package takes cakes for containing such a thoughtful card and gifts. I am curled up in the cozy one right now:). Thanks for your prayers! God has been blessing our marriage sooooo much. He is the main ingredient. I am learning a lot about love and putting the other person first.:) Gods ways are best and it is awesome to see you loving and putting Him first! Love and blessings on your whole fam and this week's conference endeavors.:) camping with you all would be a blast. I think of our times all happy and cozy with your family so.fondly:D
Love in Jesus,
Brooke B