Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Welcome to our Open Bus!

It took some explaining the concept to some people.  

Open Bus?   

But we had a wonderful Open Bus, 
and we wanted to share some wonderful pictures with you!  
Most were taken by our friends, the Kellums and the Drestes!  Thanks guys!!!

This is Daniel Amos Klein, welcoming you to his Open Bus.

This is Obadiah, with his big sister Allison.  He doesn't have a bus.  Yet.  
His family came from farthest away to view the spectacle.  


These are some of our friends who came to check out Daniel's bus.
We had lots of friends from our fellowship who came, and several neighbors.  
We just didn't take enough pictures!
We are new at the Open Bus hosting thing.

Daniel is sitting with Annah.  Daniel is holding a cool twistie baloon inflated by Mrs. Dreste.  
Shaped like a alligator or something.  She is pretty good, huh?
Mrs. Dreste quickly volunteered to be the twistie baloon inflator and did a wonderful job!

The dads had a good time of chatting about extra-bus topics.  
They did talk a bit about the bus, too.  I think they are getting the vision.

It poured down rain on our Open Bus, so we only had like 60 visitors.

It really poured down rain the entire time.  But it was plenty warm.
Oh, what is funny is the bus was almost not even working in time for the Open Bus!  
We ran it out of diesel and it would have been stuck in our steep driveway, 
and any guests would have just slid all the way out the back door!  
But we thank the Lord we got it running, 
so we moved it to our sweet neighbors' level driveway across the street.

It looks like they are thinking about all these yummy cookies.  
They were yummy, 
but I don't remember them being as yummy as they look in this picture.  
Probably because we munched on some many broken ones, 
we were a little sick of them at the time.

Here is Daniel on Samantha's lap.  
Know what he's thinking about?  
Yummy cookies.

This Samantha's sister, Lilly.  
Her mom is a twistie balloon expert!  
She blew up so many balloons!

We tried to doll up the bunk beds and seats to make things look cozy.  
The curtains were made years ago by Grandma Jemelie, 
and we have brought them from house to house through the years.  
I think they are ten years old!
They fit the bus windows perfectly!  
Just need a more Klein-proof curtain rod for them.

We had lots of snacks at our Open Bus.  Cheese balls were the favorite.

We ordered a special bus cookie cutter, 
because we couldn't find one at Walmart.  Seriously. 


We had a covered table outside in the rain, 
so people could get drinking water.  Seriously!

We cleaned up the bus so nicely, we couldn't recognize it!  
We hung posters on the wall of the kids working on the bus (painting and stuff).  
The kids did it all.

Oh, another funny thing was that on the day of the Open Bus -- 
the roof leaked! 
 We noticed a big, unsightly puddle in our nice new bathroom!  
So we got an ice cream bucket 
and that helped until we could re-do the caulk on the roof.  
Keeps us humble.

This is Suby drinking water in the rain.

This is baby Olive and her mommy.  Olive is 5 days older than Daniel.

Our photographers were really thinking about the cookies.  What do you think?

I mean to tell you, it did nothing but rain the whole time!

Our hostesses.

This is our wonderful neighbor, Mr. Poenicke.  
He knows all about buses and is a big help to us.  
He let us park our bus in his driveway, because ours is too steep.  
He was badly hurt in an accident last summer, and nearly died! 
He was ready to go to be with the Lord,  
but the Lord had more plans for him and he is home with his family!

He was our first Open Bus guest, 
and I think he enjoyed his visit.  

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