Sunday, July 10, 2011

Class of 2011

Was recalling a really neat poem one of our daughters wrote several years ago, based on a sermon by a friend who is now with the LORD.

For christian families who have recently celebrated graduation with children, or really any follower of Christ, we heartily recommend that message. It's very realistic and practical and spiritual, too. It seems like a beneficial reminder of what our perspective and aim should be.

Here is the poem, based on that message.

Casting Nets Into the Sea

One time many years ago, on the shores of Galilee,
There stood Simon and Andrew, casting nets into the sea
But when Jesus came along and called them to follow Him
They left their nets behind to become fishers of men

Those nets they had always used for to catch fish
To make themselves a living was their only wish
To be sure, they weren't rich, but needed daily bread
And so they worked to further the meaningless lives they led

And today many people, many Christians as well
Live for nothing but to gain by what they buy and sell
They have no real purpose, no vision do they see
They only wish to get something, casting nets into the sea

But both Simon and Andrew soon learned to fish for men
Doing all they could to reach for people, their souls to win
The life that God had given them was too short to waste
They lived to fish for sinners, who knew nothing of God's grace

Let us follow this example and try these lost to save
Let us give up our lives as Jesus so freely gave
If our sin has been pardoned and we've been set free
Why should we spend our whole lives casting nets into the sea?

- A.M.K., 2005

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Nitalinb said...

Wow. This moved me to tears. Thanks so much. I remember how deeply that sermon affected me years ago, but I need to continually be reminded. Thanks to Abby for the poetry.