Monday, July 18, 2011

Another high point of 2011!!

Our year has had so many high points, it went from looking like a rainbow-shaped arc to a flat line! That's a lot of high points!

Joining us for the local homeschool conference were our friends from northern south-central Wisconsin (a.k.a. “the historic and beautiful doormat to the north woods”), the Dyer family. We used to live 25 or so miles from them, a fact we learned after the Wisconsin homeschool conference we exhibited at in 2007.

Anyway, we told them about the stellar line up of speakers offered this year in St Charles, and they began to pray about taking a trip south. Before we knew it, conference time was here, and so were they!!

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together. Psalm 34:3

Laps were heavily relied upon.

Dishes happily washed as needed.

Since both families were recovering from colds, we shared our favorite herbal cough remedies with each other....then we combined them!

Bus-pooling employed.

Putting their eyes to the grindstone (ouch!), helping us do some last minute proofreading.

Constructive encouragement (rather than criticism) is their specialty!

Helping us unload on set-up day, basking (did I mean “wading”?) in the toasty June breeze!

Josiah is anxious to help!

We can do it all blindfolded, but sometimes it turns out funny that way.

Visit, visit, visit all the while!

Back at the ranch, little Malachi explores the sprawling Klein estate.

Taco salad in the garden.

What a great idea for serving toddlers – a high-walled plate!

Playing “Canoes Across The Amazon” (our own invention)!

The conference began, and we prepared for 2 encouraging days, basking in warm fellowship and COLD air conditioning!

Our new materials this year: CDs of audio messages we have given.

A new article to encourage Christian moms.

Our friends from across the river.

If we had room at our house for one of these things, it would help us be more patient when waiting for the bathroom.

Joshie had to study this contraption for quite a while.

Time for a picnic lunch.

What a privilege to introduce friends to friends…

Exercising the new camera, are we, Abi?

Ups and downs.

One of our favorite speakers, Voddie Baucham. One of our favorite Voddie-stories is when one of his children were asked what grade they were in.

His child looked quizzical and said, "Grade?"

Daddy's favorite slide!

Fellowshipping with the little ones.

Kinda gives you goosebumps, huh? The sky, I mean!

Seating for 23, please.

Note taking and crocheting.

Joshie always feels at home.

Reserving our seats.

Whipping up some lunch in the bus.

Back at the house, Ben has some downtime.

Formulating the game of the summer, "Canoes across the Amazon."

Beware of anacondas!

They look sweet but they smell like garlic!

The dads are on duty.

The Missouri long goodbye begins...

Caroling on the porch before they head back north.

Somebody's gonna praise His name,
and it's gonna be us!

We love you all, Dyers!

Thanks so much for your fellowship and encouragement!!


Nitalinb said...

Cheering and entertaining ~ but I'm confused. Who lives in the little white "house" across the Amazon?

Debbie said...

Just some anacondas....and Solomon's lawn mower collection!