Thursday, December 02, 2010

More good stuff!

As we have often observed, moving around all over the place has allowed us to meet many precious people from all over. Then, as we continue in our pilgrimage, we meet others who we wish we could introduce to the previous folks, and sometimes that works out.

So, after we left Wisconsin for the first time, we went to the Texas border. Moving to Texas really changed us a LOT in many ways. And it was there we met dear friends who worked in Mexico. These folks were acquainted with a dear brother, now with the Lord, from Wisconsin! How we wished we would have known of him while we still lived in Wisconsin, but it was only by moving to Texas that we heard of him!

However, during our 4 years in Texas, the Lord orchestrated things so that we still had work connections in Wisconsin, and finally, wound up re-re-locating up there. While that was a HARD HARD thing, to leave the doorstep of Mexico, it allowed us to become better acquainted with the family of this man. We were blessed to be able to go up to northern Wisconsin a few times a year for really good fellowship....and to meet others ... and I suppose it will continue.

Here is our dear sister, Sharon, with her late husband, Glenn Conjurske, who went to be with the Lord in 2001, which was the year we moved to Wisconsin the very first time (but didn't know of these folks). She is a sweet and hospitable lady, and we greatly miss taking over her humble abode!

Anywho, this departed brother left a legacy of wonderful exhortation and encouragment, and we just found much of it is on the web. In particular, we would direct you to a wonderful message called "Casting Nets Into the Sea". I can't give you a direct link to that message, but you can find it listed here. We find this message a great complement to the booklet we offer called "How Your Children Can Have Success" Glenn's messages are available for listening on your computer or downloading.

Hope you can enjoy these soon!

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