Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Getting ready to move...maybe!

If you have to move in the future,
we strongly suggest you borrow boxes
from friends who make soap in their home
.....mmmmmm, their boxes will smell so good!
Anyone who has become acquainted with us over the last year or so may recall, upon our introduction, that we are currently from Wisconsin, but are, Lord willing, moving to St Louis, sometime in the future.

Well, we seem to be nearing the end of a touch and go escrow that has spanned three seasons! Lord willing, we will be in Ferguson, Missouri before 2010!

All along the way, the Lord has given us grace to wait on him in the uncertainty. As a family, we have constantly prayed, "Lord, close the door if you don't want us to move." We have seen so many situations related to the loan process so obviously orchestrated by the Lord. If the Lord wills, after we are settled in Missouri, I hope to sit down and bullet point it, or do a flow chart or something. Wow.

One of the biggest helps to aid us in the waiting has been work! Along with the bus removal process, and the clothes dryer repair incident, we have had plenty to keep us busy. Now we are hunkering down with our packing tape and UHaul boxes, and we mean business.

The earliest we should be able to get into the new place is a week from Friday. But as always, that can change.

Uncertainty and waiting go hand in hand and are good teachers for us all. We are thankful for this opportunity to teach our children to be flexible! What a stress-reliever it is to be flexible! One of the things we have most admired in others is flexibility -- not striving to be in control of things over which we really are not in control. Peace that passes understanding is from trusting the Lord to work it all out for us. No doubt we still have much to learn in this department!

But that is not to say we are not looking forward to moving!

We'll keep you posted!

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The Mayo Family said...

Umm...we know we should rejoice for you that the "yes-no-maybe" thing is coming to a close and yet we wish it was a week or two longer? Not the "guess-thing" just the move date! Okay...we are all in our ways selfish and want "our way" We know God's way and plans are always the best! So, while we are congratulating you on this news...we will miss you all! We do pray all are better and wish for another time to see you? We are thankful God has been glorified by the lesson!
Blessings to you all!
The Mayo's