Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping busy

Sammy is unwrapping dishes and flattening the paper for safe keeping.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie!
Glad to see you all doing well with moving in! I was curious, why do you have to do all these things before you can move in? Does it have to do with the neighborhood level of expectations or something? Or is it conditional with your loan?

We are all praying for you here!
(it will not let me sign in, so I had to go as "anonymous")

Debbie said...

Thanks for praying! The cities in St. Louis county have requirements on external appearance which must be met when a property changes ownership. Normally the seller is responsible for getting things done, but in our case, the house was sold "as is" so we had to do the work ourselves. So we packed up all the stuff we anticipated needing, as we did get a list of issues before we bought the house. But all we could do was work on the permit requirements until now.

Everyone was very busy, especially the little guys and me, raking leaves and doing leaf journeys. (Dave had to be at work, ten minutes away.) Apparently the inspector liked seeing the huge pile at the street. Not allowed by city code, he kindly informed us, but he said he wouldn't hold it against us; they must be bagged in biodegradable sacks and put with trash on collection day. Plus, cans should brought in from curb before 10 am. Hello, city life!