Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First things first

We recently were discussing parental things, just Daddy and Mommy, and Dave recalled a couple of important principles that have shaped our family to some degree over the last several years.

1. What is taught to the children first thing each day shows what is most important.
2. What Dad spends his time on teaching the children shows what is most important.

This had led us to starting our days in the Bible as a family.

To believe and say these things is not a credential that we as a family have it altogether. We don't. But really, the Lord has blessed us so much in helping us to keep and guard some simple priorities.

We are gearing up for some pretty busy months ahead, and experience has taught us the importance of keeping first things first...sometimes the hard way!

In addition to some work-related deadlines for Dave, which have us all very excited, we are looking forward to attending the Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Missouri conference in June. We have applied to have a table in their exhibit hall, and hope to meet lots of new (to us) families.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to meeting you at the conference in Missouri. Welcome to the "Show-Me-State"!

Laryssa Krauss
Charleston, MO
Mississippi County
(southeast MO, in the bootheel area)

Debbie said...

Thanks Laryssa! Hope to see you soon!

In Christ, the Kleins